Young Couple Found Dead In Bed While Hugging Each Other After Drug Overdose

Young Couple Found Dead In Bed While Hugging Each Other After Drug Overdose
To their family and friends, Michelle Avila and Christian Kent seemed like a walking advertisement for the perfect Orange County couple.
They were Newport Beach natives, with the sun-kissed blonde hair and surfing skills to prove it.
But then one morning Michelle, 23, and Christian, 20, were found dead from a drug overdose in her childhood bed.
Their shocking deaths have shattered their families and highlighted the growing problem of opioid addiction in the affluent beach community.
On the night before their death on October 14, the couple had been at a party at a friend’s house.
Her parents said Michelle didn’t ‘party too much’, choosing instead to spend her time with Christian and their close group of friends in the area.
Michelle and Christian had both been sick with a cold and were taking antibiotics. She told her parents Paulo and Adriana Avila that she didn’t plan to drink that night.
After they came back home around 12.30am, Michelle wished her mother good night and laid out her clothes for a 6am shift at a Newport Beach coffee shop where she worked.
When Adriana came home from work at 4pm that day, she found the couple dead in bed.
‘Two beautiful kids,’ Paulo told Coast Report Online. ‘It was like Romeo and Juliet.’
‘They both died and they were hugging each other.’
It will take months for Michelle and Christian’s toxicology reports to be completed, but Paulo is certain they died from a drug overdose after talking to police and experts.

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